Ag Link, Inc.
For fuel delivery to your location call our  
Distribution Center in Wilbur at (509) 647-5586. 
Fuel/Propane Delivery:
     David Knapp - 509-641-0732
Petroleum Sales Manager
     Larry Puyear - 509-979-3350
Operations Managers
East to West Fue
     Travis Benson - 509-703-2986
Columbia County
Tankwagon Drivers
     Doug Kukendall - 509-981-4454
     Travis Hobbs - 509-322-1089
Transport Drivers
     Steve Ladwig - 509-828-0293
     Duane Bailes - 509-954-3928
     Joshua Mings - 509-638-8470
Customer Service
     Ricki McRae- 509-647-5586

Water Resources Reform and

Development Act 2014

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Ag Link Incorporated is dedicated to providing our customers with the best pricing on petroleum products on a daily basis.

Our convenient pump locations will allow you to fill up on diesel or unleaded, day or night, using Ag Link's gas card or your personal debit/charge card.

For our grower's using bulk fuel, our trained and experienced drivers will deliver the amount you request directly to your farm.

We strive to stay competitive to our customer's who must use oil or propane for their homes heating source.  Our delivery trucks will provide you with this service in a professional and timely manner.

Energy Specialists - Derek Gibbons & Dennis Wright

Ag Link has on staff two full time Energy Specialists. Please call Derek at 509-481-0800 or Dennis Wright at 509-869-4859
for any fuel or lubrication needs.

Fuel Market Reports

DOE Quicklook         AM Energy Update        Market Close Report




Fuel Pricing


Reardan To                Columbia County                   

Waterville                   Pasco


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